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Adrienne Bankert's Career Advice for High Achievers: Don't Be in a Hurry to Win

Today, we get to hear from our friend, Adrienne Bankert, an Emmy award-winning journalist and author of the Leadership Essentials readers' favorite Your Hidden Superpower. If you're constantly looking for new ways to grow professionally or to move forward in your career, Adrienne shared with us 3 Pieces of Career Advice for High Achievers. Plus, keep scrolling for an incredible deal on Your Hidden Superpower.

3 Pieces of Career Advice for High Achievers

  1. Be sure that your willingness to be teachable is never diminished.

One of my mentors sent an email: “When you’re truly teachable, you’ll listen and remain open like you’re hearing the lesson for the very first time even if you’ve heard it 7,000 times.”

Mic drop moment!! We tend to think, “I’ve got it,” when the truths we need for our lives need to be remembered and rehearsed. We don’t ever get to the point where we stop working out, even if we’ve exercised a thousand times!  

  1. Stay hungry, not greedy.

It’s great to be high achieving and go after success but too often we get so excited for more, we might be less sensitive to the loved ones who need time with us or are less conscious of our tone. We might be in such a hurry to win that we stop caring about anyone or anything other than our progress. I’ve learned not to allow empathy to be eclipsed by ambition.

  1. Know what ‘having fun,” means!

Work hard. Play hard. We’ve all heard someone say it. But playing “hard,” might not mean what you think it means, or be what you need.

Fun for you might mean relaxing. Get regular massages or facials, meet a friend and walk your dogs together. Have a night to yourself and decompress with movies and favorite snacks.

Fun isn’t always partying at an event where you’ll end up networking and turn it into a “work” anyway.

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Adrienne Bankert

Adrienne Bankert is an Emmy Award winning journalist, former ABC News reporter and Good Morning America correspondent. She hosts the morning show at NewsNation.

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