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Become a storytelling master with the ability to control any situation.

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Is this book for you? Yes, if you’re a…

Marketing or Sales Professional

Team Leader


Business Leader who wants to improve communication

3 Ways to Leverage This Book

Learn how to...

  1. Convince customers they need what you provide
  2. Persuade investors and customers to support your organization
  3. Align and inspire your employees and peers around a greater mission
  4. Give your customers an avenue to share their authentic experiences with your product or service with others

...and much more.

Praise for Stories that Stick

Whatever you do, wherever you are in your career, this is the book to read right now. Practical, funny and true, Kindra's new book is a keeper.

Seth Godin, New York Times bestselling Author of This Is Marketing

Timely, personal, poignant, and powerful, Stories That Stick is required reading to grow your business with the power of stories. Highly recommended!

Jay Baer, Founder of Convince and Convert, coauthor of Talk Triggers

I'm picky about what I read. Doubly so with business books. But Kindra hooked me on page one and wouldn't let go. Such is the power of superb storytelling. If you want to inspire your customers and your team, craft a vision that resonates, and do better marketing, Stories That Stick is essential reading.

Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro

“The shortest distance between a human being and the truth is a story.”

Learn how to make a lasting emotional connection that drives business results.