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Connect your team through faster, cheaper, and more practical exercises that will make a real and measurable difference in their productivity.

Download 6 team-building activities that only take 15 minutes or less.

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With this free download of Team-Building Activities, you’ll receive:

6 Team-Building Activities That Require Minimal or No Materials

There are a lot of touchy-feely team-building activities. Don’t worry—you won’t find them here! Avoid eye rolls and heavy sighs with these strategic exercises designed to extract engagement in under 15 minutes each. Every activity uses common office supplies or nothing at all!

Team-Building Activities with Variations to Engage Different Team Types and Virtual Employees

Do you have remote employees? No problem! These team-building activities include options to engage even the most remote workers and offers alternative formats for various team sizes, office spaces, and more.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Guide You Through Each Activity

Get the confidence to lead each exercise. Review them prior to your next meeting, so you know you won’t waste time fumbling through the steps. Your team members will be inspired by the clarity and direction you provide.


“A confidence builder for both the new and experienced manager.” — Mary Sue Findley, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Fifth Third Bank

These activities take only 15 minutes. That’s all you need to build a rock-star team today.

Maybe you’ve thought about prioritizing team building for months, even years.

Or maybe it just crept onto your “to-do” list a few hours ago.

Whatever the case may be, “6 Team-Building Activities in 15 Minutes Or Less” will show you how simple, fast changes can build your team and align everyone toward common goals.

A Note From the Team-Building Expert

Hi, my name is Brian Cole Miller, author of Quick Activities for Busy Managers, and I am the brains behind these quick-and-easy team-building activities. Over the years, I have helped clients ranging from Kellogg’s to Ohio State University with management training and consulting. I’ve been able to diagnose the exact point at which team activities fail and highlight the aspects that successfully create trust between team members.

I’ve prepared this special sample of my vast inventory of team-building activities to help you save time and save face, so you can confidently improve this piece of the management puzzle.