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Breaking Borders demonstrates how women can stop self-selecting out of opportunities and make the leap of faith to pursue their dreams.



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kate isler

While working at Microsoft, Kate Isler started her international career in Dubai in 1993 by talking her husband into quitting his job to become a “house husband” for what she promised would be a two-year adventure. Twenty years, three children, and six international moves later, Kate left Microsoft to try her luck at running a digital health startup.

While that venture ultimately did not bear fruit, she learned vital lessons that she has taken into her new organization, Be Bold Now, a conscious consulting practice whose mission is to build an intersectional community of women and men, who strive to inspire, empower and support each other to take bold pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity.

Kate is a change agent and thought leader. Her experience in high tech as a CEO of a digital health startup and as an Executive at Microsoft, provides a powerful platform of real-world expertise and examples to draw from when addressing gender equity and balanced management practices.  

Kate has successfully navigated the complexity of a global company and tested her agility and ability to innovate as an entrepreneur. Her journey of leadership, challenging the status quo, overcoming adversity, and breaking gender stereotypes motivates and inspires audiences.