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The Leader Habit offers insights and practical strategies for building your leadership skills and habits

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Master the skills you need to lead in just minutes a day

To increase your expertise at any activity, nothing beats practice—and that includes leadership.

The Leader Habit offers a simple, original approach to dramatically improving even our weakest areas.

Filled with 5-minute exercises and real-life examples, the book highlights the most important skills that great leaders exhibit, and then breaks them into smaller, specific behavior

By tackling one behavior at a time, you learn to consciously master each until it becomes automatic.

Tap into the power of habit in this eye-opening, empowering book and turn your aspirations into solid, lasting skills!

What You'll Learn

From managing priorities to overcoming resistance to actively listening, with a rich array of both task- and people-oriented skills, you’ll be able to gain respect and get results. This complete work includes:

Author Martin Lanik

• Compelling evidence of the ways that habits shape our lives, for better or worse, and how leadership is simply a series of habits

• Content based on original research that looks at 795 leaders across the globe, identifying 22 essential leadership skills and 79 micro-behaviors that make up those skills

• Simple exercises to turn effective leadership behaviors into ingrained habits, along with clear cues that tell you when to practice each

• A Leader Habit Quiz that assesses 6 personality traits—being curious, organized, caring, outgoing, ambitious, resilient—and points to behaviors that you’ll find most rewarding

• Tips for staying motivated, avoiding procrastination, and sustaining progress