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Our Business Book of the Month for May 2022 is here!

Discover How to Live Your Life With a Deep Sense of Meaning

Hero On a Mission by Donald Miller

New York Times bestselling author Donald Miller shares the plan that led him to turn his life around. This actionable guide will teach you how to do the same through journaling prompts and goal-planning exercises. Plus you'll get free goal-setting templates with your purchase (delivered via email after checkout).

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About the Book

There are four characters in every story: The victim, the villain, the hero, and the guide. These four characters live inside us. If we play the victim, we’re doomed to fail. If we play the villain, we will not create genuine bonds. But if we play the hero or guide, our lives will flourish. The hard part is being self-aware enough to know which character we are playing.

In this book, bestselling author Donald Miller uses his own experiences to help you recognize if the character you are currently surfacing is helping you experience a life of meaning. He breaks down the transformational, yet practical, plan that took him from slowly giving up to rapidly gaining a new perspective of his own life’s beauty and meaning, igniting his motivation, passion, and productivity, so you can do the same.

In Hero on a Mission, Donald’s lessons will teach you how to:

  • Discover when you are playing the victim and villain.
  • Create a simple life plan that will bring clarity and meaning to your goals ahead.
  • Take control of your life by choosing to be the hero in your story.
  • Cultivate a sense of creativity about what your life can be.
  • Move beyond just being productive to experiencing a deep sense of meaning.

Hero on a Mission will guide you in developing a unique plan that will speak to the challenges you currently face so you can find the fulfillment you have been searching for in your life and work.

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Hear from Donald Miller

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"Hero On A Mission is for everyone who wakes up feeling restless and blah. It ingeniously points the way out of a humdrum existence and into a more meaningful life. Warm and practical, this book is packed with profound insights. And it’s served up with Miller’s trademark humor. I’ll be pondering this book (and implementing and recommending it) for a long, long time."

- Len W., reader of Hero on a Mission