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Lead a meeting that leads to results

Discover and establish process that leads to productivity

Encourage participation and creative conversations

Build connections and establish successful work relationships

How can you strengthen human connections remotely?

The answer is through structured meetings led by prepared managers.

  • If you’ve tried to organize a productive virtual team meeting in the past, but you got frustrated by the conflicting advice from blogs…
  • If you’ve committed to trying one team-building activity...but you didn’t see it through…
  • If you’re unsure how to rebound when unreliable Internet connections interrupt your meeting...
  • If you’ve struggled to measure progress and engagement of virtual team members…
  • Or if you want a consistent system that is the best use of everyone’s time…

Then this Checklist for Running Virtual Team Meetings will finally give you a beginning-to-end process for keeping track with business objectives and strengthening collaboration among teams who work virtually — without adding more responsibilities to your role.  

Who This Checklist is For


Team leaders looking to motivate and unify their teams to collaborate and execute on tasks


Those leading a small but scrappy team and want to make the best of their meetings

Groups & Teams

So maybe you're not running the show... but that doesn't mean you can't bring the useful tools in this checklist to the table to make the meetings you're in more effective.

Q: How did your virtual team meeting go?

A: Not great.

Author Yael Zofi

Hi, I’m Yael Zofi, author of A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams and founder and CEO of AIM Strategies(R), a human capital consulting firm.

Connection! That’s what it’s all about.  

All my life I’ve been a student of people—how they collaborate and develop lasting relationships. My work has revolved around facilitating connections to build strong teams, and for many years these sessions occurred in face-to-face environments.

With technology and globalization transforming the workplace, physical presence is not always possible, which brings up an interesting question:

Can we still connect and create with our teams when we're working remotely?

Yes, but we have to do things a little differently. My Checklist for Running Effective Virtual Team Meetings helps you get the most from your team in the limited interactions you have.

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