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A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams provides a practical road map for bridging the physical distance among coworkers, incorporating self-study exercises and simple, fun activities that develop trust and ensure your team’s success.

The book explores the most critical elements to success for a team founded in trust, including accountability, communication, conflict management, and deliverables, and includes tangible tips for overcoming the particular challenges of the virtual working world.

Complete with examples, case scenarios, and strategies to help you navigate even your biggest hurdles, A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams will help your disparate collection of people get their work “out the door” faster and better.

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Hi, I'm Gabrielle Reed, editor of HarperCollins Leadership Essentials and host of the Virtual Team Managers group.

With a background in journalism, I am passionate about interviewing people with stories to tell, experiences to share, and advice to make life easier for those who will listen. Through this group, I'll expose you to the nuances of the virtual work space and how professionals have unlocked management methods that work for them and their teams.

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