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It’s time to flip the script on the internal stories you tell yourself.

Most of the “self-stories” you tell yourself—the kind of person you say you are and the things you are capable of—are invisible to you because they have become such a part of your everyday mental routine that you don’t even recognize they exist.

Yet, these self-stories influence everything you do, everything you say, and everything you are.

Choose Your Story, Change Your Life will help you take complete control of your self-stories and create the life you’ve always dreamed you’d have. Kindra Hall offers up a new window into your psychology, one that travels the distance from the frontiers of neuroscience to the deep inner workings of your thoughts and feelings. This eye-opening, but applicable journey will transform you from a passive listener of these limiting, unconscious thoughts to the definitive author of who you are and everything you want to be.


Hear from Kindra about the book

Choose Your Story, Change Your Life will teach you...

The 4-part storytelling process to apply in the key areas of your life giving you back hope and power.

How to catch your inner storyteller in the act and identify the stories holding you back.

How to choose better stories and effectively install them so they are at the front and ready.

Overcome fears and self-doubt by changing the tone of your self-story.

"Choose your stories wisely, and you will build a path to achieving your greatness. It’s the road of prosperity. Where you find abundance in all areas of life. Choose Your Story, Change Your Life is about uncovering the truth of how you created the life you have, and the clear steps you can take to create the one you want. All the tools you need to rewrite your stories lie ahead, along with the tales of people like you who have done it."

- Kindra Hall

Rave Reviews from Readers

"Life changing! We so often have self doubt because we tell ourselves we aren’t good enough, aren’t smart enough, aren’t whatever. The list could go on and on. Kindra teaches us how to tell the stories that we tell ourselves so that we stop highlighting negatives in our life and start embracing our inner greatness. Read this book! You will learn to tell yourself the right stories!"

- L.B., reader

"Most intriguing and valuable and content of the last 60 non-fiction books I've read in recent years! Confused and frustrated after working 7 days a week the past 12 months starting a new business, I discovered and now, am changing, "false" stories and decisions I made unconsciously decades earlier, that I had no idea existed prior to reading this book. It is one of those "should be required required reading for life" books! I bought the hard copy AND audible to take in the content concurrently. Love hearing Kindra narrate while following along in the book making notes and marking actions. No one will need this book as much as they will after having read it! Enjoy the breakthroughs!"

- David, reader

"Best book ever! This book is incredible, spoke to me on so many levels. Kindra is a master storyteller. However, the even better part about this book is that she gets down to all the reasons we tell ourselves stories. All kinds of stories, the stories that never existed, the stories that hold us back, the stories that create fear, she covers it all! This book is transformational and a book I will personally read every year!"

- Barb B., reader

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