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Find the right words to say when you’re in a conflict at work

Get the Essential Conflict Management Toolkit, a blueprint of 46 Phrases for dealing with difficult coworkers and a Conflict Resolution Template for planning and documenting responses that lead to stronger work relationships

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Conflict in the workplace is a lot like that volcano experiment you did in fourth grade.

Like the demonstration, you can only take so much disagreement before your Plasticine body breaks. Your words spew out in a dark, dense lava of baking soda, food coloring, soap, and acetic acid. Everyone in your wake feels the burn.

In a matter of seconds, you lose your status as self-respecting, leadership material. Promotions could be in jeopardy. Your reputation among colleagues is tarnished. And you might finally end up getting those work-from-home privileges you always wanted...but not for good reasons.

There’s a better way to manage workplace conflict.

Use the Conflict Management Toolkit to start a conversation with difficult people so you can get the results you want from any type of conflict. Like…


  • Gaining cooperation with coworkers and bosses
  • Bringing teams together for maximum efficiency and minimum drama
  • Positioning yourself as a leader capable of producing positive change

Download these 3 practical resources

46 Phrases for resolving conflict between coworkers

These phrases will provide a foundation for handling conflict of any kind and leading constructive conversations that make your entire workplace more enjoyable and productive.

Conflict Response Template for individuals and groups

Whether it’s for your CYA file or you just need a process to help you think clearly about an altercation, the Conflict Response Template is your guide. Document conflict in case it escalates, or construct the best possible solution for all parties involved if it doesn’t. It’s a win-win. And how rarely do those happen in business?

3 Conflict Management Strategies of Fortune 500 Companies

Learn how the CEO of Honeywell, the chairman of JetBlue Airways, and other business leaders manage conflict between their team members, departments, and project stakeholders. Get 3 strategies for working through problems and communicating effectively even when you’re angry and confused.

Get what you want out of conversations with difficult people

Download a framework for finding the right phrases to communicate your side, a template for documenting the resolution, and ideas for developing a formal conflict management strategy for your team from leading companies.

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