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We are starting to see the first real progress in space exploration in the private sector, and there are many jobs becoming available, right now, in this fascinating new field. Cosmic Careers will prepare you to take your place, whether as an investor, owner, employee, or enthusiast, in the exciting world of space exploration.

Are we ready for Space?

Sierra Nevada, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, and Bigelow Aerospace built prototypes of deep-space habitats that NASA began testing in March 2019, so the physical evidence exists that human beings are committed to living in space for purposes of research, as well as industrial pursuits such as mining.  

There will also be opportunities in harnessing huge amounts of energy from the sun using Earth orbiting solar power satellites; designing new forms of space transportation; and construction of facilities for refueling stations for rockets, processing minerals from near Earth asteroids, and building new spaceships and space habitats.

The new space race is on!

Readers will:

Receive a comprehensive listing of the careers and skillsets that are in demand and will be in demand over the coming years in space exploration.

Access stories, company profiles, and even the technical descriptions spotlighting information that is relevant today and over the next few decades.

Gain insights into the world of space exploration, its characters, and the real opportunities that are within anyone’s grasp if they want it badly enough.

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Yes, we are on our way to Mars, but the myriad activities to get us there offer exciting and lucrative opportunities for adventuresome people who are technical and non-technical, whether armed with PhDs or armed with high school diplomas.

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Space Talent is the go-to resource for careers at the intersection of space and tech. They match credible employers with top talent while providing insights into an ecosystem with an ever-expanding range of opportunities.

Alastair Storm Browne

Alastair Browne is a lifetime space advocate and member of national space society. His popular space development blog has over 475,000 followers on Facebook. He is true space junkie who has devoted his life and career to space development. He holds an M.S. in Space Studies from the University of North Dakota

Maryann Karinch

Maryann Karinch has co-written many business, tech, and future-looking books, and she has a lifelong interest in space exploration.

Praise for Cosmic Careers

“It's exciting to see a new generation of explorers chipping away at the hard problems that have prevented us from fully exploring the universe. The second revolution after Apollo is upon us. Hang on!
Dr. Alan Eustace