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[Webinar] Developing Your Muscle for Kind Leadership

The small, daily acts of kindness that help you connect with employees, clients, and customers

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About Adrienne Bankert

Adrienne Bankert is an American journalist who reported in a few major markets before becoming a host of Good Morning America in 2016. Now, she is an Emmy Award-winning national news correspondent for ABC News and the author of Your Hidden Superpower.

She’s known for her versatility and ability to connect while reporting on major headlines.

She will tell you that the genuine warmth and relatability she exhibits in her interviews, and through the screen into millions of homes across America, comes from the habit of practicing connection and kindness.

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20 Days of Kindness at Work:
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When you register for the Your Hidden Superpower Online Book Club, you’ll receive a free download of Adrienne’s 20 Days of Kindness at Work Challenge Calendar.

This resource will help you make kindness a habit through daily activations focused on improving your relationship with…

Your team

Your manager

Your clients/customers

And your communities

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