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Take a Significant Step in Your Leadership Journey

Join our Developing the Leader Within You Boot Camp—based on the bestselling book and workbook by John C. Maxwell—and receive low-cost personal training for your career!

Create a Plan for Building Your Influence

It can be so hard to get ahead these days.

There’s so many people in the workplace with talent, brains, and grit. You may wonder to yourself, “why should I be the one to move forward?”

John C. Maxwell has researched more than fifty definitions and descriptions of leadership. He discovered something about leadership that presents an opportunity for a go-getter like you: 

“More and more people recognize the value of good leadership, yet not very many work to become better leaders.”  

By simply accepting that you can become a better leader, you will begin to possess qualities everyone instantly recognizes in a person worth knowing, growing, and following.

Our Developing the Leader Within You Boot Camp is an opportunity to create a plan for building your leadership and your influence. We've structured this boot camp around John Maxwell's 3-step leadership development process.

  1. Identify up to 3 people who you want to build influence with and pinpoint where you are at on your leadership journey with each of them

  2. Journal your experiences in leadership and think critically about how you can improve

  3. Commit to small, daily and weekly actions that will measurably improve your influence, effectiveness, and impact with people who are important to your success

Join the Developing the Leader Within You Boot Camp and get free shipping on the book and workbook for Developing the Leader Within You 2.0. You'll gain access to the boot camp and all the bonus resources below with your purchase!

What you get when you join the Boot Camp

This boot camp is self-guided, so you can go at your own pace - although we recommend a 4-week learning schedule (more on that when you sign up!). Plus, our exclusive networking group is a great place to go for inspiration and connection with other boot camp members.

For just $22, you can join the Boot Camp and get a copy of Maxwell’s book and workbook for Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 as well as…


✔️ Two 30-minute John C. Maxwell eCourses ($250 value)

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✔️ Immediate digital access to the first 2 chapters of the book and workbook (so you can start reading right away before your physical books arrive!)

✔️ Access to our private networking community

✔️ Self-assessment of your comprehension of leadership principles

✔️A month-long reading and journaling schedule

✔️ Leadership challenges and prompts

✔️ A leadership development action plan

✔️ Bonus eBook guide

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What Readers Are Saying About Developing the Leader Within You


This book is for all leaders, seasoned leaders and aspiring leaders alike! If you’re a mentor or a mentee, this book is for you! Foundational, fundamental and equipping — Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 is one of John’s best works yet!

- Amazon Reviewer



There was seldom a page I didn't highlight on and many pages I wanted to highlight entirely. Great book for anyone in leadership.

- Amazon Reviewer



John Maxwell has effectively recast this work from the original. It is a masterful balance between the aspirational and the practical in terms of leading yourself and others in a way that will improve both the lives of those you lead and the results you hope to achieve. This is going to be my new recommended "handbook" in my training and coaching practice for emerging influencers and established leaders transitioning to that next big role.

- Amazon Reviewer

This Boot Camp is great for teams, too!

Challenge your current leadership skills by leading a Boot Camp at your office. You'll still get all the bonus resources above, along with 10 copies of both the book and the workbook.

*All of the companion resources will be emailed to you after purchase.

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