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A Must-Read for
Every New Manager

The trusted management classic and go-to guide for anyone facing new responsibilities as a first-time manager, with over 300,000 copies sold

Conquer every management challenge like a pro

The jump from star employee to new manager is bigger than most people realize—with opportunities to fail at every step. Stumbling your way through isn’t an option.

For nearly four decades, this trusted guide has brought newcomers up to speed on the nitty-gritty realities of managing people.

Leading meetings, hiring employees, motivating others, actively listening, staying calm under pressure, overcoming resistance—dozens of skills are hammered home with honest explanations of what to expect and how to excel. Examples and action steps round out the lessons.

With little experience or training, a coveted promotion can become a trial by fire. No one needs that. Turn to the book that thousands have relied on to hit the ground running!

Master the essential topics of management

Hiring & Firing


Time Management

Dealing with Superiors


Performance Management

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Packed with practical insights on everything from building a team environment to conducting performance appraisals, The First Time Manager remains the ultimate guide for anyone starting his or her management career.

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