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Having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone.

It's time to stop playing Superwoman and get some support.

Having it all doesn't mean doing it all alone.

It's time to stop playing Superwoman and get some support.

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“Elayne’s tagline ‘Support is Sexy’ is now a phrase I and many other ambitious women say to remind ourselves that we don’t have to do it alone. Reading her new book, Get Over “I Got It,” is like having a friend in your head who is there to remind you that even greater things are possible when you are in it together! I was impressed with Elayne’s ability to address ‘I Got It!’ Syndrome from multiple angles and with step-by-step callouts for letting go and leveling up. As Elayne says, ‘Even Oprah has Gayle.’ Her book has my heartfelt recommendation!”

—Tyrona Heath, Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute at LinkedIn

“Elayne Fluker is the real deal and truly a force of nature. Her journey and story are those of a champion for self-love, self-empowerment and the reclamation of energy. Elayne’s writing feels like brunch with your best friend and a breakthrough therapy session all beautifully rolled into one grounded, raw and insightful book. Get Over “I Got It” is a complete game changer and no doubt a book every goal-oriented woman should read at least once.”

Maya Penn, Award-winning CEO, Eco-Entrepreneur

“As a superwoman in recovery myself, I suffered the tyranny of the ‘independent woman’ trope for too many years. Elayne Fluker’s Get Over “I Got It” was the book I needed all that time. Elayne lays out a simple step-by-step pathway for tempering our ambition and drive with the more feminine superpowers of vulnerability, receptivity and softnessto magical effect. Reading this book, you’ll discover how to ask for what you want (and deserve); see that burnout is avoidable and that it’s possible to keep your tank full; understand the value of surrounding yourself with a network of supportive women; and so much more. My friends, it’s time to trade the myth of independence for the promise of healthy interdependenceand Get Over “I Got It shows us how.”

—Kelly Notaras, CEO of KN Literary Arts and author of The Book You Were Born to Write

“I’m thrilled and heartened to see books like Get Over “I Got It” being published. We’re all burned out (and quite frankly bored) by the old-school mindset of ‘hustle harder,’ ‘lean in’ and ‘grind it out.’ Elayne nails the concept that rest and support are a source of strength, not weaknessand the dire (if not deadly) consequences of ignoring this sage advice. A must-read for womxn of all ages and life stages.”

—Martine Resnick, Co-Founder at The Lola, "a womxn's club and digital community"

“In her book, Get Over “I Got It,” Elayne Fluker hits the mark by showing the strength of being vulnerable and calling in the support you require. The time of dysfunctional independence is over. Our world is changing, and to have true success we need to be able to step outside our comfort zone and share our unique gifts and talents. We do not need to be good at everything, but we do need to get good at asking for help and guidance.”

—Barbara Biziou, Transformational vision coach and author of The Joy of Ritual

Do You Have "I Got It!" Syndrome?

Do You Have "I-Got-It" Syndrome?

Are you the "strong one" in your circle?

Are you the corporate executive, the entrepreneur, the busy mom—or maybe all of the above?

Are you the one everyone turns to for advice?

Are you a woman who makes doing it all look easy, but you're so tired of feeling like you're doing it all alone?

In her new book, Get Over "I Got It," author Elayne Fluker encourages ambitious women like you to learn how to ask for and accept support to not only be more successful at all that you do, but to be more fulfilled and have peace of mind.

Get Over "I Got It"

If you’re an unapologetically ambitious woman, Elayne is cheering you onbut she’s also encouraging you to recognize how imperative it is that you stop struggling to do it all alone.


Too many women suffer from “I Got It!” Syndrome as they strive to accomplish their goals. This mindset can lead to major stress and anxiety. Elayne offers a better approach. In this book, you’ll learn how establishing a solid support network and enrolling others in your vision are crucial to achieving success and how these healthy strategies have helped billionaire entrepreneurs such as media mogul Oprah Winfrey and Spanx founder Sara Blakelyand ambitious women like youreach the next level.


It’s time for you to get some support. Get Over “I Got It”  tells you how.

'I Got It!' cuts support off at the pass. It tells the Universe to keep it movin’, when all it ever wants to do is show up for you."

—Elayne Fluker, from Get Over "I Got It"

End your "I Got It" Syndrome today.

Discover how you can have it all without doing it all alone. Download the first chapter of Get Over “I Got It” and the corresponding exercise. In these resources, Elayne walks you through the steps to decide what really matters to you and starts you on your journey to get the support you deserve.

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About Elayne

ELAYNE FLUKER is the author of the new book Get Over “I Got It” (HarperCollins Leadership), available May 11, 2021 wherever books are sold. Her mission is to help unapologetically ambitious women get over what she calls “I Got It!” Syndrome, embrace support and know that having it all doesn’t mean doing it all alone.

Whether they’re entrepreneurs, top executives or rising stars, successful women often resist the idea of asking for support, fearing they might appear weak or incompetent. Instead, they struggle alone, and they sacrifice not only their success but also their peace of mind. As a busy entrepreneur herself, Elayne understands, and she believes this dangerous mindset is partially the reason so many seemingly successful women end up depressed, overwhelmed, isolated and unfulfilled. With Get Over “I Got It”, she hopes to change that.

Elayne has been a staunch advocate for women's mental health, economic empowerment and the ability to control your own narrative throughout her longtime career in media. She owns a content agency, Chic Rebellion, that helps women and BIPOC thought leaders amplify their voices, and helps organizations authentically connect with underrepresented groups when communicating about DEI issues. As a dynamic speaker, Elayne has appeared at 200-plus events at institutions around the world, including the United Nations, the Women Presidents' Organization, LinkedIn, NYU, Columbia, Howard University and the Essence Culture Fest. She has been a featured guest on the Today show, Nightline, CNN, HLN, BET, VH1, Inside Edition, Extra, Sirius XM and many more. With her popular podcast, Support is Sexy (which has 850,000-plus downloads and reaches listeners in 130 countries), Elayne has personally interviewed more than 500 inspiring women entrepreneurs about their journeys and the role support played in their success. 

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