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Your team could be smarter.
Just sayin'.

Get Smarter with Dennis Miller Professional Development eCourses

Let Dennis Miller train and entertain
your entire team.

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Why the Dennis Miller series?

Active Learning

Active learning is the key to learning and retention! These interactive courses mix videos, images, exercises, quizzes and downloadable resources to fully engage your brain!

Cutting-Edge Content

Content is based on leading-edge concepts from some of the brightest minds in each topic, including HR expert Paul Falcone, management expert Jim McCormick, customer experience guru Michal Solomon, and global sales trainer Mark Hunter.

Helpful & Humorous

Add Dennis Miller’s sharp wit and helpful explanations and – voilà! – you’ve got a world class way to improve your professional skills.

Online Learning Doesn't Have to Be Boring.

Let’s be honest. Your team could be smarter. Maybe a better way to say it is, they could be better trained.

The problem is, if you’re like most organizations, you aren’t investing enough in their development. Even if you have, chances are, you’ve been disappointed in the results.

The Get Smarter with Dennis Miller development series is designed for those of you who want to help your teams thrive with new skills that actually get applied to their jobs. Most training is brain-dead boring and doesn’t hold the attention of your staff. Worse yet, the lack of changed behaviors means you’ve wasted money on the whole effort.

We guarantee one thing: your team members won’t be bored with Dennis Miller hosting them throughout the course! You may know Dennis as the Emmy Award-winning host of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update”, or from his unique, sharp stand-up comedy. Turns out, Dennis loves to apply his talent to helping professionals grow!

Best of all, each course is based on excellent, leading-edge insights from some of the brightest minds in business. You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned right away into your current job, or your next.

Dennis Miller like you've never seen him before.

Dennis Miller is the Emmy Award-winning former host of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” a former Monday Night Football host, and one of the most iconic comedians in the world known for his sharp wit, rapid pace, and impressive knowledge of culture, politics, history…and, yes, business! He’s also the host of the popular “The Dennis Miller Option” podcast.

These courses are for you if...

You’re a team manager or general manager who needs to equip team members to perform at higher levels

You’re an HR manager seeking truly unique, affordable, effective online professional development resources

You’re an executive tired of wasting precious budget on ineffective training

You want to be able to brag, “Yeah…. Dennis Miller trained my team!”