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7 Hacks to Become a Better Negotiator Today

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Create solutions that really work for everyone with 41 negotiation hacks

Everybody negotiates at various points every day and it’s important to get it right. Life is topsy-turvy right now. We're making a lot of sacrifices, but we're also figuring out the things that matter most to us in life and business. Don't you want to be prepared to secure those things you want and need to work and live at your best?

Negotiating the Sweet Spot walks people of all skill and experience levels through simple and proven techniques that are sure to result in better outcomes for all parties and that uncover the hidden value that exists in any negotiation.

Benefits include learning the following:

  • Understanding where the sweet spot is in the deals you negotiate
  • Adopting a big-picture mind-set when approaching any negotiation
  • Seeing negotiations less as win-lose battles and more as opportunities to use problem-solving skills
  • Utilizing a tool kit of “hacks” that will work in any negotiation and have been proven effective by a top expert in the field

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41 Negotiation Hacks

238 pages

8 chapters

What are you leaving on the table?

Answer this question honestly...
Right now, are you the best negotiator you think you could be?

On average, people leave about 20% of potential mutual gains untapped in any negotiation. This is akin to taking 20% of the value in any deal and dumping it in the trash. Finding that hidden 20%, the sweet spot, is a skill that takes practice but is also one that anybody can learn.

Renowned professor and negotiation expert Leigh Thompson offers tried and true hacks that you can easily apply in all of your negotiations whether it's in your relationships, your work, or even virtual negotiations.

Through Leigh's simple and proven techniques, you can uncover the hidden value that exists in any negotiation and ensure better outcomes for all parties.

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Negotiating the Sweet Spot

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$24.99   $14.99

What can you use these hacks for? Everything.

Home life: Determine work-from-home setups with your spouse and decide the best way to educate your children right now

Virtual Life: The skills and tactics that worked in face-to-face interactions don't work online. Get projects done by negotiating assignments and deadlines via video chat.

Work life: Work out better business deals and empower yourself to create a work environment you enjoy.

About the Author

Leigh Thompson

Leigh Thompson is a professor in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Her research focuses on negotiation behavior and performance, creativity, and analogical reasoning. She has published more than 134 research articles and chapters in edited books, and has authored 10 books, including Negotiating the Sweet Spot with HarperCollins Leadership.

What Readers Are Saying

“Thompson’s Negotiating the Sweet Spot provides valuable lessons for navigating conflict in personal and business life. Each of the stories and best practices in this book leads the reader on a deeper dive into how to resolve, finesse, learn, and thrive when seated at the negotiation table of life.”

— Lin Shiu Yi,

Owner of Technigroup Far East
and Owner and CEO Cell Viable

“In sales on a daily basis, I face the challenge of building trust, accelerating customer success, and maximizing deal sizes. The tools in this book are a breakthrough in the field of negotiations and have had an immediate impact on my bottom line and business relationships, and at the same time have added immense value for my clients to achieve a true win-win at the end of a deal cycle.”

—Dennis Raisch,
Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Salesforce

Navigating conflict is a sore spot for many of us—both in and out of work. This book makes it possible to rise above compromise and create options better than any one person might imagine. Finally, we can see the skills involved and how to build them in easy, practical ways. Now the sweet spot is not only possible, but we have a set of tools to get there!”

— Alison Niederkorn,
Executive Leadership Designer,
Facilitator, and Coach at Google

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