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How to Lead Through Crisis and Change

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If you're facing a difficult situation at work or feeling skeptical in your ability to navigate your business when circumstances are bleak, you aren't alone.

As great managers, we put on our best face so our teams believe we know what we're doing. But the truth is, sometimes we don't. How do leaders manage employees, make smart decisions, and stay confident in our leadership abilities when we don't know which step to take next?

In our latest Learning Series, we asked 5 of today's leading experts in managing crisis with confidence, empathy, and a high degree of mental fortitude one question: how would you prepare to lead when times get tough? Their answers are free to you when you sign up for our series on leading through change and uncertainty.

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John C. Maxwell, New York Times Bestselling Author

Mentoring Your Team Through Crisis

What You'll Learn ⬇️

  • How to maintain independence of thought while allowing facts and the opinions of others to inform your decisions
  • The three principles of leadership that are most important to cling to during crisis
  • Ways to convey the status of crisis to your employees while also continuing to support customer initiatives and find ways to fuel growth

Dave Hollis, CEO of The Hollis Company

Preparing Yourself Emotionally & Mentally to Lead

What You'll Learn ⬇️

  • Tactics for building confidence in yourself to handle crisis
  • Practical activities to guide you towards a more productive response to change
  • A method for helping your team turn challenges into opportunities  

Adrienne Bankert, ABC News Correspondent

The Power of Kindness to Grow Morale, Confidence, and Connection

What You'll Learn ⬇️

  • Ways to build morale and confidence among employees, vendors, and customers
  • How to engineer a culture of kindness in your workplace
  • Cultivate a value system based on kindness that brings together people from diverse backgrounds, ideas, and beliefs

Siobhan McHale, company culture expert

Create a Resilient Company Culture

What You'll Learn ⬇️

  • Identify negative patterns affecting the way your organization does business
  • Determine the role you play in your company's culture, and how you can improve in it
  • Establish new patterns and track and measure resulting growth

David Cote, former CEO of Honeywell

Plan So You Can Win Now and Win Later

What You'll Learn ⬇️

  • How to look at the bigger picture of a situation and lead for the future
  • A strategy for reframing limiting beliefs based on your ability to overcome challenges
  • Become at peace with leading even though elements may be out of your control

Who is the series for?

Entrepreneurs leading a small but scrappy team

Leaders of large companies looking for inspiration

Managers leading direct reports day to day

For managers and leaders who want to escape doubt and make smart decisions

Prepare yourself to lead through crisis & uncertainty

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