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There's a reason Rishad Tobaccowala's Restoring the Soul of Business became such an influential book this year of all years.

Some people might attribute its success to the author's background: he served nearly forty years at Publicis Groupe, and most recently, as its Chief Growth Officer.

But those people would be wrong.

This book has done what many books try to do, but usually fall short of achieving.

It helps readers discover how to remain relevant in transformative times by understanding what it takes to make sense of and thrive in a world of rapid technological, demographic, and global upheaval.

And there's no questioning that we're experiencing the tip of some of the most transformative times yet.

Rishad argues that data, speed, and technology are keys for businesses to succeed now and at any point in the future. However, long-term success will only be realized if companies leverage numbers and people, their emotions, and the culture of the organization simultaneously.

If you're a manager, executive, or marketing professional who wants some reassurance that humans are still vital in the age of algorithms or who wants to learn how to think about data and AI from a human perspective...look no further than this book.

A Note from the Author

When I was growing up in India, my parents took me to bookstores every weekend and I became a voracious reader and decided I wanted to be a writer. My parents steered me to mathematics instead and said one day when you have something useful to say you can become a writer.

After a 38 year career in marketing, strategy and change management across the world for the Publicis Groupe and for its many clients I have finally written my first book. Early readers have indicated that yes I have something useful to say and so I hope you will too.

My book aims to help readers feel, think and see differently so they can grow their companies, their teams and themselves in these transformative times. It hopes to be a resource and an operating manual of sorts to thrive in a world where both technology and humanity are key.

Business wisdom meets actionable insights

Data and meaning

Explore the inventory of different types of data available to most businesses and discover how to extract meaning from it.

Enhancing human connection with data

Receive Rishad's playbook for leading and growing yourself, your teams and your business through transformative times on a foundation of data, including attracting and retaining talent, fusing the story and the spreadsheet, and normalizing change and creativity across an organization.

Data policy

Get a detailed description of what a human-centric data policy looks like and how to implement one for your company.

Templates of top data programs

See exactly how the "big guys" are integrating data and people with an inside look into the data programs of Netflix, JPMorgan Chase, Netflix, and others.

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Like a Spotify playlist around the theme of human-centric management and marketing, Restoring the Soul of Business is a great book for those who want to skip around and find a solution to any data problem quickly. Bulleted lists and engaging stories make complex concepts easy to grasp.

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Praise for Restoring the Soul of Business from Readers

"Timely perspective and practical advice"

"Tobaccowala provides timely perspective and practical advice on the key leadership challenge of the next decade: how to let meaning and purpose guide algorithms vs. blindly following them."

- David Kenny, CEO, Nielsen Holdings

"You will see your workplace differently after reading this book"

"Anyone who works in today's corporate world must read this book. If you are part of the current business world, you can feel the pressure of data-driven decision making. With all the technological improvements in computing, communication, AI, machine learning, and robotics, our businesses are becoming more data centric. This is an obvious move as it makes the businesses more efficient and profitable. However, many people can also see the negative impact of too much data centricity, but so far I haven’t seen anyone voice it with such clarity and with a balanced perspective. It is especially powerful because it is coming from someone who has always been at the cutting edge of this technology driven transformation, and often predicted and it and pioneered such transitions."

- Kunal Sen, 5-star Amazon reviewer

"A guide for HUMAN leaders in the age of DATA. A must-read from the C-suite to the front lines."

"We are now entering the 3rd Connected Age and the pace of change driven by technology and data is going to be mind-blowing. For many of us, it already is. Rishad Tobaccowala gives us a glimpse of the world that's about to unfold and provides us with sage advice for leveraging the human touches of leadership that technology can't wield. Buttressed by anecdotes and personal stories and experiences, Rishad lays out a leadership guidebook for the 21st century like no other. I read this book in a single morning, but I know that I'll be re-reading it and referring to it for many years to come. Thank you Rishad. You've done us all a great service."

- Dale Hruby, 5-star Amazon reviewer

"Must read for leaders, data scientists, future managers and leaders"

"Really great read with lots of examples that are easy to understand and implement. Each chapter deals with a topic that is engaging and leaves you with something to take and test in your own organization. Rishad relates examples to his own experience as part of a multi-billion dollar enterprise. I am already using some of the examples around how folks can hide behind data, or blame data in a company for the results."

- Dipanshu Sharma, 5-star Amazon reviewer

Table of Contents

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