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Day 1, Session 2

Building a New Skill to Grow Morale, Confidence and Connection with Adrienne Bankert

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About Adrienne Bankert

Adrienne Bankert saw firsthand how the power of kindness can work in her career. Uncertain about where she would go next and determined to pursue her dream of being on national TV, she took a chance and landed a Los Angeles reporting job. Her new boss told her it was her reputation for kindness throughout her career that was the key to her being hired. Just a few months later, that opened the door to the biggest break of her life, landing a job at a major TV network.

Adrienne is now an Emmy Award–winning national news correspondent with ABC News, having won two Emmys for her work as an interviewer, reporter, and weekend entertainment anchor on Good Morning America. She’s known for her versatility and ability to connect while reporting on major headlines.

She will tell you that the genuine warmth and relatability she exhibits in her interviews, and through the screen into millions of homes across America, comes from the habit of practicing connection and kindness.

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