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Increase your productivity levels without driving yourself crazy. READ MORE

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Millennials and Gen Z are taking over. Are your job descriptions attracting them? READ MORE



Create sustainable innovation within your company whether you’re a multinational corporation or a start-up. Join instructor, Simone Ahuja, as she gives you the 8 ways to hack a business with employees that innovate before the competition does in the Disrupt It Yourself e-course.


Bridget Brennan, author and instructor, says you aren’t connecting with women consumers, who account for 70% to 80% of consumer spending. In the Winning Her Business e-course, you’ll learn a framework for making customers feel connected, inspired, confident, and appreciated by your brand.  


The view of the road is different from the driver’s seat. That’s what many first-time managers learn the hard way. With the First-Time Manager e-course, you’ll become equipped with information to guide you through hiring and firing, leadership, motivation, managing time, dealing with superiors, and much more.

Experts in Business & Leadership

John Maxwell


John Maxwell started his leadership development journey as pastor of a small town church. Now, he's written more than 100 books to help others reach their full potential in life and business.

Rachel Hollis

Personal Growth

Before Rachel Hollis became a New York Times bestselling author, she was building companies without a college degree. Hollis' work focuses on female empowerment and personal growth motivation.

Donald Miller


Donald Miller founded a nonprofit that provides mentors to fatherless men. But his passion for helping others extends to the business world, where he writes strategies for leaders who want to stand out.

Kindra Hall


A self-proclaimed "storyseller," Kindra Hall has made a career out of giving business owners the clarity and confidence to tell brand stories that sell. She contributes marketing insights and formulas.


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How do I develop a management style?
When you're leading others, consistency is key. But, you have to know your management style in order to apply it. Take this quiz to...  


How can I be more productive in life?
In this article, author of Time Management, Brian Tracy explains how the Law of Control helps people feel in control of their...


How do I build an effective team?
Use these 6 team-building activities to connect your team through faster, cheaper, and more practical exercises.

How do I manage resistance to change in the workplace?
This post covers one of the most important aspects of a manager's job: managing change effectively. Bridge the fear of the unknown and amplify success.


How can I write a job description to attract millennial candidates?
Understand how
the current majority of the workforce defines themselves by their roles and their work so you can acquire resumes...


How do I hire the best independent contractors?
Use these 4 interview questions to assess whether a particular freelancer is
a solid fit for your company and your project’s needs.

How do I deal with challenging employees?
Our HR experts developed templates for managing through tough conversations. Download 8 scripts for confronting employees before situations escalate.


How can I be more productive in life?
In this article, author of Time Management, Brian Tracy explains how the Law of Control helps people feel in control of their...


How can I make time for onboarding new employees?
In this free guide, former VP of human resources for Viacom and Time Warner Cable, Paul Falcone, shares his 90 Day Minimalist Employee Onboarding Plan.


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