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Achieve a WE mindset

Empower your leaders to bridge Us versus Them gaps with 3 easy steps.

There has never been a more important time for leaders to foster connection across difference.

Recovery from the economic impact of Covid-19, among other divisive challenges, will depend on our ability to collaborate across differences of many kinds. Yet inevitably Us versus Them gaps disrupt workplace efficiency.  The Business of WE provides a practical roadmap for creating trust with others – those who speak another first language, worship in another faith or see a different reflection when they look in the mirror.

Helping employees develop a WE mindset is critical as we enter a post-pandemic economy where every organization will have to do more with fewer people and smaller budgets. Whether a team is developing a vaccine or increasing the efficiency of an international supply chain, fostering a workplace that is inclusive and respectful of all employees is key to success.

What You'll Learn

At a time when stakeholders are demanding real change, Kriska teaches leaders a new approach to diversity, cultural difference and inclusion that will increase employee retention and productivity and prevent misunderstandings that lead to lost revenue, lost time and increased legal risk.

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WE-Building is a proven methodology that can help anyone close a gap that gets in the way of communicating and building trust successfully.

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Meet the Author

Laura Kriska is a leading cross-cultural consultant with more than thirty years of experience bridging gaps in diverse workplaces. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies on four continents helping thousands of professionals build trust across Us versus Them differences based on nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, age or any factor of identity. Her WE-building framework provides practical and actionable insights for creating a more inclusive and productive world.

Praise for The Business of We

The Business of WE is for anyone who is committed to creating a welcoming and productive work environment for all.  With over 20 years experience managing culture gaps in the workplace, Laura Kriska impressively offers practical steps for bridging these gaps – whether it’s related to age, race, nationality, ethnicity or any factor of identity.”

Jenna Fisher

Actor, Producer/Host of the podcast Office Ladies

"There has never been a more important time for Laura Kriska’s WE-building tools. As a leader in a global company, I have seen the positive impact these strategies have on promoting connection among people of different backgrounds. This is an important book for our increasingly diverse global marketplace."

Yasuyuki Sugiura

Former President, Mitsubishi Corporation America

“As a biotech executive working across borders, I recognize the challenge of managing a culturally diverse workforce. Laura Kriska has nailed it with this timely book. Take the time to read, highlight, dog-ear the wisdom of these pages. You will learn how to take simple actions to turn ‘us versus them’ people into an enlightened team of WE!”

Anthony Sun, MD

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Zentalis

“I have watched Laura Kriska’s career since she began working at Honda 35 years ago.  I don’t know anyone who knows more about building a “We” culture than Laura.”

Scott Whitlock

Former Executive Vice President, Honda of America Mfg., Inc

“I have known Laura Kriska for 25 years and watched as her curiosity and insights have built a purposeful career in bridging culture gaps. As a leader for a globally diverse company, I know that building connections across differences is a key factor for success in the 21st century.”

Larry Fitzgibbon

Co-founder and CEO Tastemade

"I highly recommend The Business of WE for any organization embarking on the thoughtful journey of self discovery to strengthen their commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. I've known Laura Kriska for over 25 years and she is a charismatic leader with outstanding international business and consulting credentials. These tools have been invaluable to me as the leader of a nonprofit organization focused on the double bottom line of financial sustainability and community impact."

Bruce A. Harkey

President and CEO Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens