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Find Out Your Management Personality... and Own It


More than half of the managers in companies across the country are untrained, under-resourced, and unprepared. Without proper guidance or formal management training, it's easy to see how imposter syndrome kicks in without warning.

You earned a management role, but you’re still making mistakes (as every human does). So, you don’t live INTO your management role. Instead, you tiptoe AROUND it. You only scratch the surface of yourself and, therefore, aren't getting what you need from your team. You aren't fully accessing the potential of your unique management style. That's about to change...

This guide will make you proud to call yourself a Manager.

In Top Secrets to Unlocking Your Management Style, you will learn…

  • The limiting thoughts keeping you from management success (like “what if I’m not respected” and “what if I don’t know what I’m doing”) - and how to prove the voices wrong 
  • Elements of four basic manager personality types and the ways each prefers to collaborate with employees
  • Why different types of employees and different situations call for varying degrees of control and encouragement 
  • How to use an Employee Assessment Template to help you gauge when to be more autocratic than diplomatic and vice versa

Step One: Find Your Identity within Your Role

Finally answer the burning questions you've had... "What kind of manager am I, and how does it affect my expectations of the people I manage?"





Step Two: Connect Your Management Personality with Management Style

Your management style is much different than your personality style as a manager. Think of personality style and management style as a toolbox. Your personality style is the type of tools you have in that toolbox. Your management style, on the other hand, is how you use those tools to fix something that’s broken. The ways in which you plan, prioritize, and organize efforts in the workplace determine your management style.

What You'll Get

By the time you finish this guide, you’ll be able to address workplace challenges like the one outlined below with techniques that make sense to you.

You're heading a large, independent project at a telecommunications company. One of the employees assigned to you, Andy, is used to working independently on his assignments. Andy likes calling all the shots and enjoys his work. However, he has expressed unhappiness with being on this new project. How would you coach Andy and the team to success?

Plus, there's a FREE BONUS!

Use the Employee Assessment Template inside the guide to maximize the strengths of every employee and harness their potential in any situation. Through a combination of needs-driven management approaches and an understanding of your unique management personality, you'll solve short and long-term problems with empathy and efficiency.

Your Guide: Jim McCormick

This free guide, Top Secrets to Unlocking Your Management Style, is from Jim McCormick, founder and president of the Research Institute for Risk Intelligence, and the former COO of the nation's fifth-largest architectural firm.

He's the author of The First-Time Manager, and believes that good management is a product of attitude and empathy. He encourages managers to understand their management personality so that they can better apply it on a case-by-case basis with various types of employees.

You got this.
Learn to use your personality to tackle any workplace challenge.

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