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Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to become a better manager too. The American architect didn’t finish college, but he did create his own style of architecture and unique drawing methods to bring each building to life. Wright is proof that even if you don’t have the degree or job experience that matches your peers, you have the tools within yourself to make an impact.

In Jim McCormick’s bestselling book, The First-Time Manager, he cuts straight to the truth. Someone saw something in you, you have it, and now you need to use it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had formal management training or not because true management is all about enhancing what is already there. It’s about taking the raw clay and molding it over and over and over again.

What's in this book?

You will need to adapt off your baseline management style to specific situations. McCormick breaks down every single situation both new and established managers will come across, as well as best practices for managing through them.

Leading People Leading Growth Leading Execution

Hiring and Interviewing

Writing Job Descriptions

Conducting Performance Appraisal

Disciplining and Firing

Encouraging Innovation

Salary Administration

Dealing with Resistance

Training Team Members

Developing Emotional Intelligence

And more...

How This Book Solves Every Manager’s Biggest Problems

The First-Time Manager is the most trusted reference guide for navigating the challenges that present themselves when you transition from employee to manager. In its seventh edition, this classic resource can pick up where many companies drop off in their management training programs (or lack thereof).

Approximately 3 in 4 managers never received training on carrying out the duties of the role. So if you’re struggling to handle these new responsibilities, don’t worry.

Without experience or proper training, a coveted promotion can become a trial by fire. But if you have a good attitude and empathy, you can learn how to master any tasks related to being a manager - whether its leading meetings and hiring employees or making sure everything gets done and staying calm under pressure.

Jim McCormick, COO of the nation’s largest architectural firm, is known for delivering friendly, accessible advice that shows you how to achieve great results fast. In the most updated version of The First-Time Manager, he provides new information that will explain how to manage across generations, use online performance appraisal tools, persuade with stories, oversee remote employees, and so much more.

The First-Time Manager will enhance your ability to adapt your management personality to any situation with any employee at any sized company.

This book supports you on your journey from employee to manager by stripping management down to its most practical insights so you never have to second guess how you got your promotion. You deserved it.

Praise for The-First Time Manager

I really recommend this book if you are first time manager. There's many aspect that you can learn from this book. I wish I could read this book when I just started with my new role. Probably transitioning from a star employee to a management role would be easy If I could have a previous knowledge about what to expect being a manager.

Karla Ramos

There is a wealth of information for new and experienced managers. It's very easy to read, and keeps the reader engaged through a less formal style of writing...It's not boring. I recommend the book for anyone who aspires to management at some point, and anyone who is already in a management position.

Jeff Donaldson

I am an HR professional and currently working with an employee to get him trained up for management. This employee got SO much from this book! He is a star employee, but did not understand what it took to be a good manager, and no matter how much you told him he didn't quite get it. This book changed everything!


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