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Kindness: the most sought-after business skill in 2022

Your Hidden Superpower eCourse

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Kindness: the most sought-after business skill in 2021

Your Hidden Superpower eCourse

Business has changed forever. There's a new model of competition, where your edge is how you treat people.

Discover how kindness can reignite your passion for work, empower your leadership capabilities, and strengthen your connects with colleagues and peers.

In the Your Hidden Superpower eCourse, NewsNation's “Morning in America” host Adrienne Bankert will transform every interaction you have from here on out into a wellspring of inspiration, impact, and opportunity. This powerful new perspective on kindness can change the world.

This course is for you if...

  • You're a manager who wants to find your competitive edge in business
  • You want to model kind leadership in your everyday life
  • You desire to build stronger relationships and make lasting connections

You'll learn how to...

  • Positively change your responses to stressful situations
  • Understand how to invest in relationships without losing yourself
  • Gain confidence in your leadership & mentorship capabilities
  • Apply Adrienne's 5-step process to add more kindness to your life in less than 5 minutes

Course Info

6 hours

Weekly Study
~30 minutes per week for 12 weeks, or at your own pace

12 learning modules

Led by
Adrienne Bankert

100% online


Certificate of completion shareable via LinkedIn

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Meet course instructor Adrienne Bankert

Emmy Award-winning ABC News journalist and host of NewsNation's "Morning in America" Adrienne Bankert has seen the power of kindness at work firsthand. Determined to pursue her dreams of being on national TV, she took a chance and landed a Los Angeles reporting job. Her new boss told her it was her reputation for kindness throughout her career that was the key to her being hired. Just a few months later, that opened the door to the biggest break of her life, landing a job at a major TV network. Adrienne is now known for her versatility and ability to connect whether interviewing, anchoring, or in the field. She speaks regularly on the topic of kindness as a key to identity and genuine engagement for living life wholeheartedly.

Hear from Adrienne on kindness

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