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Join the Summer Book Club and Take the 20-Day Kindness Challenge

Your Hidden Superpower by ABC News and Good Morning America’s Adrienne Bankert is our inaugural Leadership Essentials Book Club pick! Join us this July in reading the book together and taking part in the July Kindness at Work Challenge.

Business has changed forever. There's a new model of competition, where your edge is how you treat people. Let’s discover how kindness can reignite our passion for the work we do and help us bring our best selves to business even if we don't know what to do next. This is the book that everyone in business or leadership needs to be reading right now! This powerful new perspective on kindness can change the world.

July 2020

4 video lessons to help you become a kinder leader

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20 Days of Kindness at Work:
Put kindness on your calendar with us!

When you register for the Your Hidden Superpower Online Book Club, you’ll receive a free download of Adrienne’s 20 Days of Kindness at Work Challenge Calendar.

This resource will help you make kindness a habit through daily activations focused on improving your relationship with…

Your team

Your manager

Your clients/customers

Your communities

Can I be successful without stepping on other people's toes?

Oftentimes, business is viewed as a zero sum game. Whatever I lose, you gain.

Before we know it, we're "playing the game" and doing whatever we can to get ahead.

  • Working late, to the point of massive burn out
  • Bad mouthing coworkers so we can appear more competent to our bosses
  • Skipping office get-togethers because we "don't have time"
  • Blaming our mistakes on clients or customers
  • Focusing on our own goals with such intensity that we overlook the people who are helping us reach them

This divisive, dog-eat-dog world can leave us feeling powerless to accomplish our goals without compromising our values and losing touch with our authentic selves.

The good news? We can do something about it.

Just before Adrienne received her first big break and was hired to be a network reporter, her general manager told her that kindness was what set her apart in the industry. Being kind later helped her rise through the ranks in a competitive and un

Now an Emmy award-winning journalist, Adrienne realizes that if we can make kindness a regular part of our routines, we can enjoy remarkable career opportunities while having a positive impact in our workplace.

In this four-session video book club, Adrienne reveals that our greatest asset in business isn't always our knowledge or experience - it's our capacity for kindness.

How this Book Club is Different

In the Leadership Essentials Book Club, you’ll get insider access to the author with opportunities to interact through Facebook Live events, video, and Q&As!

Adrienne is an Emmy Award–winning national news correspondent with ABC News, having won two Emmys for her work as an interviewer, reporter, and weekend entertainment anchor on Good Morning America. She’s known for her versatility and ability to connect while reporting on major headlines.

She will tell you that the genuine warmth and relatability she exhibits in her interviews, and through the screen into millions of homes across America, comes from the habit of practicing connection and kindness.

Michael Strahan, Good Morning America Co-Anchor and Fox NFL Analyst

Christopher H. Smith, Co-Director, Media, Economics & Entrepreneurship, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California

Jerry Reynolds, Host of the Nationally Syndicated The Car Pro Show

Who is this book club for?

Everyone is welcome to join this book club! Whether you’re a CEO, manager, or employee who just wants to increase your influence within your organization, this book club is for anyone who wants to be a more creative, authentic, and empathetic leader.

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