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Part 1

Letting DEI Lead Your Recruiting and Hiring Programs

Part 2

Making DEI a Part of Your Company Culture

Part 3

Improving Your Marketing Strategy Based on DEI

Part 4

Developing a Brand Reputation for Promoting DEI


How to Use the Us Versus Them Company Culture Assessment with Laura Kriska, author of The Business of We


3 Categories of Action to Build Unity in Your Workplace from The Business of We

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Diverse teams add tremendous value to any organization… if they work as a cohesive unit. Empower your leaders to bring together teams made up of members from different cultures, age groups, and socio-economic backgrounds. Leading cross-cultural consultant to professionals and brands, Laura Kriska, teaches leaders in any organization how to prevent “us vs. them" culture clashes by promoting inclusion in their organization to increase employee retention and productivity and to prevent misunderstandings that lead to lost time and increased legal risk.