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Personal Growth

  • 3 New Personal Growth Books We're Reading This Month

    January was an exciting month for readers of personal growth and self development books! Discover your next inspirational read in our honest review of the latest releases and bestsellers.
  • How to Create New Habits: Top 5 Books for Leaders

    Are you looking to make a change in your life that could lead to a better role, new career, or professional success? Learning how to create new habits is the most natural place to start your journey! Here are 5 books specifically for professionals who want to build stronger leadership habits.
  • 3 Goal-Setting Tools Used by Top Female Angel Investor Kim Perell

    One of the best ways to stay on a path towards progress is to adapt the tools that have worked for other successful people to your own life. We’ve been inspired by the goal-setting insights from Kim Perell, an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, tech CEO, and angel investor who has made headlines for her transformative story. 
  • How to Deal with Guilt in Your Professional and Personal Life

    A powerful milestone in the journey to let go of guilt occurs when you no longer have to focus on “letting go” because you never grabbed hold of guilt in the first place. Discover 8 habits to help you deal with guilt and take back your joy.
  • Best Business Books to Buy as Gifts This Year

    We’ve put together a fun holiday gift guide with our top business book recommendations based on the personalities, tastes, and interests of your friends, family, and colleagues!
  • 3 Books That Explain Why You Struggle With Productivity

    Why do we struggle so much with productivity? Dive into three books that explain our complex relationship with productivity and offer innovative approaches for the professional who wants to improve their focus.
  • Discover the Stupid Way Chip Gaines Learned to Live Life Without Fear

    Get an inside look into Chip Gaines' life to fully understand the ups and downs you may encounter on your journey towards success. You might discover that sometimes you have to do stupid things to learn important lessons like how to live life without fear.
  • Could Centering Help Leaders Reduce Stress?

    Centering increases your awareness, energy, and confidence. Discover how to practice centering and reduce stress by reading this excerpt from Aimee Bernstein's book, Stress Less, Achieve More.
  • The First 3 Choices You Need to Make to Become Successful

    As a New York Times bestselling author of dozens of leadership books, Maxwell has become a mentor to millions who have one goal: to become successful. These are the first 3 choices he recommends people make if they want to become successful.
  • How to Cope with Stress Based on Your Personality Type

    Multiple research studies support this fundamental idea about how to cope with stress: stress that is moderate and intermittent is the path to greater resilience. Discover your personality-based stress management routine in this blog post.
  • 3 Quick Strategies for Getting Through to Yourself When You Feel Like a Failure

    Psychiatrist, business consultant, and author of Just Listen, Mark Goulston says it’s simple to squash your self-critical tendencies when you feel like a failure and put yourself back on track for success.
  • Don't Freak Out—Rebecca Minkoff's Advice for Dealing with Failure

    "Knowing the stakes and what I had the potential to lose was all the motivation I needed to get down to business," fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff says of dealing with failure.