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Receive word-for-word dialogue to guide a meaningful conversation addressing the issues you're having with employees so you can provide a constructive path forward.

Created especially for women, this free guide and template will help you craft a strong elevator pitch so you can best explain your skills and talents and land your dream job.

In a 20-minute video training with psychologist and Kellogg School of Management professor Leigh Thompson, you'll learn seven insider negotiation tools to build consensus with your team, your boss, and your co-workers through any conflict.

Building strong, consistent habits can help leaders not only grow and develop quickly, but also in a sustainable way. Check out our guide to building and sustaining habits so you can focus on your personal & professional growth.

In order to do these things, you must be able to motivate your team by setting realistic goals and holding your team (and yourself) accountable. discover a roadmap for motivating employees and ultimately, becoming a stronger manager.

Unlock 200+ performance review phrases you can use to rate your employees across 6 invaluable skills of the future: adaptability, communication, innovation, diversity, problem-solving, and teamwork.

These published confidence-building strategies have been read and applied by millions of leaders. Become the bold professional you've always wanted to be by learning practical ways to command every room with your presence.

Become a more effective manager by embracing the strengths, passions, and gifts of your team according to your Sparketype® - a methodology created by author Jonathan Fields that helps you discover the work that makes you comes alive.