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21 Quotes to Inspire Kindness in Your Workplace

What if the best action you could take for your health and sanity was deploying kindness?

ABC News correspondent and author, Adrienne Bankert believes kindness helped her manage stress as she worked her way from a small town reporter to an anchor on a national network. Minor efforts like leaving notes reminding coworkers of their value and showing genuine interest in the lives of strangers allowed her to avoid burnout while also opening up opportunities for her career.

Kindness probably isn’t an alternative to a plate full of veggies or your recommended weekly 150 minutes of exercise, but it does have surprising health benefits like…

  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Improving overall heart health
  • Increasing self-esteem and optimism
  • Elevating energy and strength
  • Increasing feelings of calmness
  • Contributing to greater degrees of happiness
  • Extending your lifespan

When you come to work healthy, you’re a better colleague and leader for it. Here are 21 quotes from Adrienne’s new book, Your Hidden Superpower, to inspire kindness in your workplace:

1. “Our world, companies, and communities are asking for...people who know how to be kind under pressure.” - Adrienne Bankert

2. “Kindness is beneficial for all and is mandatory for those who are seeking true success, no matter the goal.” - Adrienne Bankert

3. “Kindness is the gateway to new relationships and opportunities.” - Adrienne Bankert

4. "Kindness cancels cutthroat culture." - Adrienne Bankert

5. “Kindness keeps us grounded and relatable to all people as we soar to the heights we are reaching for professionally and personally.” - Adrienne Bankert

6. “Kindness produces the timeless power of a reputation, where people in your circle associate your name with being remarkable.” - Adrienne Bankert

7. “Kindness shines a spotlight on others, without diminishing our own brightness.” - Adrienne Bankert

8. “Kindness fills and envelops you in authenticity that will make a greater first impression in seconds than you ever could without being kind.” - Adrienne Bankert

9. “Negativity, anger, and fear do not have the power to interrupt who we are when we are convinced we are kind.” - Adrienne Bankert

10. “You don’t have to be in a position of authority to use the power of kindness to make someone’s day.” - Adrienne Bankert

11. “Kindness gives you the proper balance of humility and confidence instead of being so eager to coerce the gatekeepers—be they managers, influencers, owners, or administrators.” - Adrienne Bankert

12. “Being kind by realizing someone is always watching will make you constantly aware of a bigger picture.” - Adrienne Bankert

13. “Generous gestures spread just like gossip.” - Adrienne Bankert

14. “Nice is being polite to people; kind is connection with people.” - Adrienne Bankert

15. “Your interview will move from conversation to connection when you desire for it to be a mutual win-win.” - Adrienne Bankert

16. “Openness is initiated by a kind act.” - Adrienne Bankert

17. "The only safe place anywhere today is the place of kindness." - Adrienne Bankert


18. “I want you to notice people, no matter how busy or how hard the business is.” - Adrienne Bankert

19. “Study what brings out the helper in your boss or coworkers.” - Adrienne Bankert

20. “By shifting the focus to others, no matter how tough life gets, you’ll catch a wave of hope that will breathe fresh oxygen and tenacity into you.” - Adrienne Bankert

21. “Don’t just depend on what you can control. Depend on kindness.” - Adrienne Bankert

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