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  • What is a Manager’s Role in Creating Workplace Diversity?

    Can you make an impact on an issue as large as workplace diversity if you’re a mid-level manager? Michelle T. Johnson is a diversity consultant who has had a diversity column called The Diversity Code” in the Business Section of the Kansas City Times since 2008. She says diversity, discrimination, and harassment are not only the domain of executives and high-level bosses. 
  • Is the Confidence Gap Between Men and Women Real?

    Despite holding qualifications that are on par with their male peers, research shows that women consistently walk out of negotiations with less. Many experts attribute the outcome to the confidence gap theory, which Lean Out author, Marissa Orr, believes hinges on an assumption that confidence in a situation will outweigh the effects of talent, intellect, effort, and competence. 
  • Can’t Find Global Leaders? You Probably Believe These Global Leadership Myths

    Global leadership has a variety of definitions, however, each explanation centers around perceiving context, recognizing differences, understanding what followers want and need, and collaborating throughout the hiring process and employment journey.