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  • Salespeople, Remember This Before You Ask for Lower Pricing

    As a sales management and business development consultant, Mike Weinberg has seen too many salespeople collapse under the pressure of selling products with high price tags. According to Weinberg, asking for a lower price is a sign of inexperience, insecurity, and a lack of preparation. 
  • Training Tips for Sales Leaders: Teaching Empathy to Salespeople

    Colleen Stanley, president of SalesLeadership, believes we are closer to our devices than we are to people and it's impacting the success of salespeople. She has some training tips for sales leaders.
  • How to Rebrand Yourself as an Influencer

    As an individual, developing and growing your influence puts you in a position to be hired by a brand to help their campaigns. Learn how to rebrand yourself as an influencer in this excerpt from The Age of Influence.
  • How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Company

    Before undertaking an influencer marketing strategy, it’s important to look at the grand scheme of your social media strategy to holistically understand the layout of the landscape and where influencers fit in.
  • Two Mistakes Most Marketers Make and the StoryBrand Solution

    Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework helps marketers create a message that conveys their product's or service's impact on a customer's ability to survive and thrive, as well as makes it easy to understand the ultimate offer they're presenting.
  • The Blog Post Template Michael Hyatt Used to Build His Platform

    Whether you’re trying to grow your business or simply share helpful information, writing a blog post is a great way to build your audience. Bestselling author, Michael Hyatt, shares the blog post template that has helped him become one of today’s top-ranked bloggers.
  • 4 Holiday Marketing Strategies Fit for 2020

    2020 is the most critical marketing season yet. These marketing strategies from Donald Miller are based on the time-honored principles of storytelling.
  • Why Storytelling Will Be Your Competitive Advantage During Reopening

    Throughout the coronavirus crisis, storytelling captured attention, influenced, and transformed audiences. There are many signs that indicate the power storytelling will have as businesses reopen and rebound from crisis.
  • Do You Think You Know Who Gen Z Is?

    To successfully reach your target demographic, you have to understand what sets them apart, along with the formative experiences that shaped their generation. The Generation Z definition is more nuanced than you’d think. Vastly different from the generation closest in age to them, a socially conscious mindset and a deep desire for progress push them forward.
  • 5 Successful Companies that Tell a Story that Sales

    Kindra Hall is a keynote speaker and award-winning storyteller. She has been published at and, and as a contributing editor to Success magazine. She speaks for and works with brands of all sizes to help them harness the power of storytelling.
  • Where Most Brand Storytelling Fails - And How to Fix It

    Brand storytelling is a challenging concept. Brands continue to struggle with connecting to audiences on an emotional level. The Steller Storytelling Framework helps with that.