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  • Is Obsession Necessary for Success?

    Leaders who are "filled with one thought, one conception, one purpose" are much more than gritty - they are obsessed with achieving an audacious goal. 
  • 21 Quotes to Inspire Kindness in Your Workplace

    When you come to work healthy, you’re a better colleague and leader for it. Here are 21 quotes from Adrienne’s new book, Your Hidden Superpower, to inspire kindness in your workplace.
  • Back to Business Summit Line Up

    Have you felt like your...
  • 6 Ways to Lead with Kindness During Conflict

    Kindness is the key to leading people through conflict.  Researchers William F. Baker, Ph.D. and Michael O’Malley, Ph.D interviewed several leaders and found they had 6 characteristics of kindness in common. 
  • 2 Ways to Manage Uncertainty During the Unexpected

    When Marc Morial took on the NRA following his friend's death, he learned the value of preparing for the unexpected, which led him to realizing two important aspects of how to manage uncertainty.
  • To Increase Employee Engagement, Focus on Trust and Purpose

    No one is immune to the side effects of disruption and chaos in business. So if we’re all having trouble concentrating, how can we encourage employee engagement without seeming oblivious to the emotional and physical toll certain events take on our workforce?  
  • Successful People Start with Small Ideas

    Why is it that the most successful people don’t start with the most groundbreaking ideas? I think it’s because the most successful people are entrepreneurial leaders. Entrepreneurial leaders have the idea, own the idea, and stick with the idea through celebrations and challenges. 
  • 6 Management Skills for the Future of Business

    Business has never been stable and it never will be. New situations call for management skills that can stand the test of time. Learn how managers can master 6 crucial skills and find success no matter what situation they're leading through.
  • How to Survive a Recession Like a Successful CEO

    If you want to know how to survive a recession, there’s no better resource to follow than David Cote, the former CEO of Honeywell. Cote led the company through the 2008 recession by cutting costs proactively for short-term gains and investing in long-term projects.
  • 9 Decisions that Define Your Leadership During a Crisis

    Even in the middle of a crisis, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Managers will be remembered for the leadership decisions they make during times of instability. During new challenges, it’s important to remain calm despite the uncertainty of outcomes.
  • Managing People in a Distributed Workforce

    Managing people in the remote environment are enabled by modern-day technologies, but utilized to connect by people.  A manager in this position is not just responsible for equipping employees to touch base with coworkers, but to also facilitate the discussions that elicit the personal connections we expect from our workplaces.
  • 4 Ways to Coach Managers on How to Motivate Employees

    Some managers are naturally gifted at making a workplace fun, accepting, transparent, and fulfilling. Others are not.  If you’re working with a manager who is struggling on how to motivate employees, encourage him of her in a heartfelt conversation where you can provide a few ideas for igniting his or her team.