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3 New Personal Growth Books We're Reading This Month

January was an exciting month for readers of personal growth and self development books! We saw new releases from Donald Miller and Kindra Hall and debut book from entrepreneur Kim Perell. Discover your next inspirational read in our honest review of these latest releases and bestsellers.


1. Hero on a Mission

by Donald Miller

If you’re a fan of Don Miller, then you’ll love his newest release and Wall Street Journal bestseller! Known for his bestselling business titles such as Building a StoryBrand and Business Made Simple, this book focused on personal growth is a fascinating departure into Don’s life, history, and personal philosophy.

You may know that Don recently had his first child and he and his wife have just finished building their home on Goose Hill. These events as well as Don’s humble beginnings as an unhealthy, lonely, and timid author and memoirist shaped the narrative for Hero on a Mission, which helps you analyze your life from the perspective of a movie director: are you playing the victim, the villain, the hero, or the guide?

This book is about making space in your life for total transformation and responding to the people who may not know how to respond to the new you. Pick up Hero on a Mission if you’re interested in learning how to create a life of meaning and turn it into a life plan and daily roadmap.


2. Choose your story, change your life

by Kindra Hall

Do you struggle with negative self-talk? According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of our DAILY thoughts are negative. Kindra Hall wrote this book for you—for us, really.

I was already a big fan of Kindra’s first book, Stories that Stick, which explains the role storytelling plays in business success. In this book, Kindra has applied her storytelling framework to personal success.

Within these pages, you’ll hear stories about dozens of people who worked with Kindra to overcome obstacles to their success in areas of their life including their career, health, finances, and relationships. I particularly love the story of Michelle, a busy mom with a full-time job who believed she didn’t have time to workout. Inspired by Kindra’s personal storytelling prompts, Michelle was able to change her story from “I don’t have any time” to “I am really good at making time.”

Is your inner critic holding you back? This book will help you break free. 



by Kim Perell

JUMP is a book for anyone considering a major life or career change. Has life presented you with an opportunity you can’t pass up? Were you recently laid off or fired? Do you have a dream of starting your own business? It doesn’t matter which “jump” life has called you to make, this book and Wall Street Journal bestseller will help you develop a plan for making it with confidence.

Kim Perell started a digital marketing agency after getting fired from one of her first jobs out of college. It took off, and since then she has become a serial entrepreneur and top female angel investor. Despite achieving a high level of success, her advice is accessible and realistic for anyone to follow.

The biggest selling point of this book is the One-Year Success Plan chapter which provides a step-by-step guide to preparing and executing the jump you want to make in the way you want to make it. In other words, your plan doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be personal!

Will you add these personal growth books to your reading list?

Do any of these new books excite you about your future? Let us know if you find any inspiration or motivation from them!

Gabrielle Reed

Editor at Leadership Essentials

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