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Best Business Books to Buy as Gifts This Year

business books that make great gifts

The holidays are an exciting time of the year! But it can also be a challenging time if you are at a loss for what to give someone. We’ve put together a fun holiday gift guide with our top business book recommendations based on the personalities, tastes, and interests of your friends, family, and colleagues!



For your friend who binge watched Freud…  

Get Boundaries for Leaders by Dr. Henry Cloud

Your friend’s obsession with psychology began when they watched their first episode of Law and Order. Now, they can leverage their interest in human behavior in their career! Written by a clinical psychologist and bestselling author, Boundaries for Leaders reveals crucial elements of business psychology to help readers master setting boundaries within their own workplaces. This book is part of the massively popular Boundaries series which has impacted over 5 million people across the world. Anybody who loves psychology and wants to accelerate their career will appreciate the advice on results, relationships, and resiliency found within these pages.

For your friend who quotes Gary Vaynerchuk daily…

Get Built Not Born by Tom Golisano

As a subscriber to every business publication under the sun, your friend is constantly on the hunt for cutting edge entrepreneurial insights. He’s most likely consuming business books like Lays chips—he can’t have just one—until he spots the perfect opportunity to launch his own successful venture. This particular friend will find an intelligent and inspiring mentor in Tom Golisano, self-made billionaire and founder of Paychex. It’s not everyday that you can give someone the hard-won business wisdom of someone who started their company with $3000 and built it to the current worth of $24 billion!

For your friend who has a 10-step skincare routine… 

Get Skin in the Game by Jane Wurwand

This book will be a home run with your friend. It’s a business book written from the perspective of one of the most successful and least toxic skincare brands in the world. It also shares a new and rarely represented story of a female Scottish immigrant to the U.S. who started a business with no college degree, no money, and no contacts. Fascinating, brilliant, and introspective, this book is sure to be a 10/10 gift this holiday season!


For your health conscious friend with big dreams…

Get Undaunted by Kara Goldin

In this Wall Street Journal bestseller, founder of HINT water Kara Goldin explains her not-so-linear path to entrepreneurship. Did you know that Kara was in her mid-thirties when she founded HINT? Or that she started her career selling ad space at CNN? And that she left the workforce to raise her kids then stumbled upon the idea for HINT? Part autobiography, part business memoir and lots of insights on self-development, Undaunted offers inspiring stories from Kara’s life that impart lessons your friend can apply to their own path.

For your friend who keeps tabs on whose IPOing this week…

Get Winning Now, Winning Later by David Cote

Are you friends with any entrepreneurs, small business owners, or executives? This book could be the best gift they will ever receive! Here’s why… Dubbed “the War and Peace of business books” by Fortune Magazine, Winning Now, Winning Later is former Honeywell CEO David Cote’s magnum opus. It’s a thorough distillation of every lesson he learned over nearly two decades leading a Fortune 500 company. If your friend is always talking about how to create lasting business success or demonstrate strong leadership, they’ll love Cote’s strategies for avoiding short-termism, prioritizing deep thinking, and improving business processes.

For your friend whose love language is gift giving…

Get Your Hidden Superpower by Adrienne Bankert

You know the type of coworker or friend who radiates kindness? They’re the most thoughtful, caring, and kind people you know. This person in your life probably keeps peppermint candies in a glass jar on their desk and sends flowers with a sweet note to your house when you get recognized for a job well done at work. Show this person how much you value their kind words and actions with Your Hidden Superpower, a book that will reinforce the hidden power of their kindness through the stories and career experiences of national morning show host Adrienne Bankert.

More Books in Our Gift Guide

For your friend who doesn’t have time to read… 

Get The Daily Drucker by Peter F. Drucker

For your friend who's obsessed with fashion… 

Get Fearless by Rebecca Minkoff

For your friend who prides herself on being a "closer"… 

Get Over the Top by Zig Ziglar

For your friend who loves to see women succeed… 

Get Huddle by Brooke Baldwin

Gabrielle Reed

Leadership Essentials editor

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