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Chaka Booker

Chaka Booker is a Forbes monthly contributor and has also written for the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Success magazine. He is the author of Mastering the Hire, which focuses on unique interviewing strategies for consistently identifying great talent.

He is a managing director for The Broad Center. The center, founded by billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad, is a national non-profit focused on leadership development. For over a decade, Chaka has recruited, assessed, trained, coached and developed talented professionals from across the country - and has learned as much from them as they have learned from him.

Chaka is a proud product of public schools from kindergarten through undergraduate at UCLA where he double majored in economics and psychology. He latered received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, which has not stopped him from mentioning his public school roots. As an introvert, Chaka is either helping leaders navigate their toughest challenges or he's figuring out how to leave a room without anyone noticing.