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  • The Three Myths Keeping You from True Productivity

    Are you still feeling overwhelmed despite practicing productivity practices? You might be falling victim to some common productivity myths if you say things like "I don't have time for a break" or "I'm really good at multitasking." Discover how to overcome these myths and achieve true productivity.
  • Adrienne Bankert's Career Advice for High Achievers: Don't Be in a Hurry to Win

    If you're constantly looking for new ways to grow professionally or to move forward in your career, Adrienne shares with Leadership Essentials 3 Pieces of Career Advice for High Achievers.
  • 3 Books to Assign During New Manager Training

    New manager training is one of the most crucial programs a company can provide for its employees. Books are the most cost-effective way to deliver management training across your company. Here are the top 3 books we consider recommended reading for both new and seasoned managers.
  • Best Career Books for Career Starters and Changers

    We've curated top selling career books for the career starters or changers in your life.
  • 7 Ways for Introverts to Start New Relationships at Work

    You know starting new relationships at work is vital to career success, and you like having people you can rely on in your professional life. When you’re an introvert, walking into new situations or workplaces causes a higher degree of discomfort than it does for an extrovert. 
  • Job Searching? Here's What Employers Need From You Right Now

    Most job searching advice applies in any economy: update your resume, grow your skills, and practice patience. When the economy is in flux, however, employers look for a very specific set of experiences and expertise to ensure the success of their businesses.
  • 7 Networking Tips for a Remote Job Seekers

    While face-to-face meetings may be impossible or unlikely, much of the networking process for remote or physical employees involves defining your objectives and skill sets and identifying how they relate to new industries, different business, and changing markets.  Networking tips like gaining free experience and building your personal brand provide next steps for any employee who is out of a job and looking for remote work.
  • Get Paid for Your Expertise: 15 Ways to Become a Motivational Speaker

    Certified Speaking Professional, David Newman, says if you want to learn how to become a motivational speaker, you need to powerfully brand your business, precisely target your audience, and effortlessly connect your most interested prospects. 
  • Why the Key to Work-Life Balance Could Be Purposeful Imbalance

    Work-life balance is a spectrum. Similar to your heart, it contracts in some phases and expands in others depending on the rate with which your body needs oxygen-rich blood. Bringing your personal and professional life into harmony is less about managing your time and more about making small adjustments.
  • Success Plans for Follow-Up Interviews

    Having personally worked with countless hiring authorities throughout the years, Tony Beshara knows that when it comes to follow-up interviews, selling yourself with confidence and assertiveness can help a potential candidate “close the sale.”
  • 9 Ways to Fail Your Follow-Up Interview

    Tony Beshara has been in the placement and recruitment profession since 1973 and is the president and owner of Babich and Associates, a job placement firm. He has appeared numerous times on the nationally syndicated Dr. Phil Show.
  • Should You Tell Stories During a Job Interview?

    Kindra Hall is a keynote speaker and award-winning storyteller. She has been published at and, and as a contributing editor to Success magazine. She speaks for and works with brands of all sizes to help them harness the power of storytelling.