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  • How to Write an Informal Business Plan

    If you’re not seeking investors, or want to jump into the market quickly to launch your product or service, then an informal business plan can help you clarify your startup’s goals, sales strategy, and target market.
  • The First Step to Becoming an Entrepreneur

     Your life’s profession should be derived from your deepest passions. This is why the first step in becoming an entrepreneur is to define passion and then locate yours. 
  • How the CEO of Hint Water Found a New Path

    I call myself an “accidental entrepreneur” because I came to the world of start-ups on a different path than many other founders. Running a company was never my goal. I didn’t go to business school. I was in my mid-thirties when I started Hint Water. 
  • Why Introverts Will Thrive in Our Post-Pandemic Business World

    Introverts are poised to succeed in the post-pandemic business world, especially when equipped with Pollard's groundbreaking sales system developed specifically around the personality type.
  • How the Founders of Airbnb Attracted Investors with a Story

    Telling a founder story in conjunction with data has proven to be successful for a majority of Shark Tank participants who acquired deals, as well as the Airbnb founders. Find out how to get investors with a story.
  • Where Do You Want to Go? How to Create Your Own Job

    According to the authors of Own Your Future: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur and Thrive in an Unpredictable Economy, found that the fear of being out of work and getting fired are some of the most common reasons people become entrepreneurs. 
  • An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Managing an Unconventional Business

    Tamari Jacobi chose the jungle over Goldman Sachs after graduating college.  She and her family purchased 5 acres of tropical paradise near San Pancho, Mexico in 2005.  Jacobi pursued her passion by starting a business around it, and shares the steps it took to become successful. 
  • 3 Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

    People want to be their own bosses.  But, do they really? That’s the question Zack Friedman poses in an assertive expose of the current employment trend. Friendman argues that being an entrepreneur is an arduous journey with an onslaught of rejection, uncertainty, and doubt. 
  • The Owner of the Houston Rockets Has a Warning for Every Business Owner

    As an entrepreneur or business owner, complacency is the root of all failures and damaging to business success. According to Tilman Fertitta, owner of the Houston Rockets and master restaurateur, if you aren't always worrying about your business, you could risk losing everything.