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Team Development

  • How to Resolve the Most Common Conflicts on Virtual Teams

    When members of virtual teams lose face-to-face contact and only interact via screen, feelings of indifference can intensify. Virtual conflicts vary slightly from in-person conflicts, and include the following types:  performance conflict, identity conflict, data conflict, and social conflict.
  • 3 Elements of Virtual Team Planning

    The establishment of a virtual team brings a ton of potential to a business, but only if it’s set up correctly.  Setting up a virtual team is like planning a roadtrip. You don’t have to know every detail ahead of time, but you need to have checkpoints and alternative routes in mind. 
  • Advice for Managing Virtual Teams as Coronavirus Changes Business As Usual

    Large and small companies are forcing or allowing employees to work from home in the wake of a new virus that experts have yet to gain a full grasp on.  Executive responses to coronavirus are impacting managers, many of whom are responsible for managing virtual teams for the first time.