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Team Development

  • 5 Books to Inspire Changes to Company Culture

    Leadership Essentials has a robust selection of books that guide professionals towards creating a positive and intentional company culture. Here are a few of my personal favorites. 
  • 10 Rules for Building Trust and Developing Accountability on Your Virtual Team

    How do you ensure that your virtual team members are getting their jobs done? Well, it requires a little bit of faith and a lot of trust building on your end. 
  • 9 Different Ways to Think About Boosting Team Morale

    Loneliness, isolation, and boredom can easily set in and affect team morale—especially for those of us working from home. This forced situation can help us develop new skills and a higher level of self-awareness and personal growth about who we are and what we stand for. 
  • How to Resolve the Most Common Conflicts on Virtual Teams

    When members of virtual teams lose face-to-face contact and only interact via screen, feelings of indifference can intensify. Virtual conflicts vary slightly from in-person conflicts, and include the following types:  performance conflict, identity conflict, data conflict, and social conflict.
  • How John Maxwell’s Law of Mount Everest Can Help Us Through Self-Isolation

    The Law of Mount Everest states that as the challenge escalates, the need for teamwork elevates.  If we try to tackle challenges alone, we’ll only spiral into failure. 
  • 3 Elements of Virtual Team Planning

    The establishment of a virtual team brings a ton of potential to a business, but only if it’s set up correctly.  Setting up a virtual team is like planning a roadtrip. You don’t have to know every detail ahead of time, but you need to have checkpoints and alternative routes in mind. 
  • Advice for Managing Virtual Teams as Coronavirus Changes Business As Usual

    Large and small companies are forcing or allowing employees to work from home in the wake of a new virus that experts have yet to gain a full grasp on.  Executive responses to coronavirus are impacting managers, many of whom are responsible for managing virtual teams for the first time. 
  • The Art of Building Trust in Business: Culture

    Your employees can only perform at their best when they have a clear vision of what winning looks like, understand the specific goals they need to own, and are empowered to carry them out. In order to build a business culture of trust, empower employees by not separating power from responsibility and accountability.
  • Select Team-Building Activities at Work That Your Team Won't Hate

    There are a lot of team-building activities out there that waste time and resources at work without actually connecting your employees to one another. The success of an activity often comes down to having a clear objective.